The Ocean Basin at COPPE/UFRJ has been designed to carry out model tests of ocean structures and equipments used in the exploration and production of oil and gas offshore. These activities in Brazil as in many places worldwide are progressing very fast towards fields located in water depths up to 3000 meters, bringing new technological challenges.

Equipped with sophisticated multi-directional wave generators – sea current and wind generator systems will be available in the near future – the new facility is able to produce a quite realistic representation of the ocean environment.

Further, with its depth of 15m, deepest in the world (plus a central pit of 5m diameter and 10 depth), it meets the present need and strict requirements imposed by the offshore industry.

The operation of such a facility in Brazil will contribute to consolidate the Brazilian leading position in deepwater technology, providing experimental support available only in very few places in the world.

The laboratory is intended to help to develop and test innovative structures and equipments as well as to operate higher quality and safer ocean systems and devices as required by an ecologically sensitive environment as the ocean.



OTC Brasil 2015